Earth-Kind Landscaping


Earth-Kind Landscaping uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment. The objective of Earth-Kind Landscaping is to combine the best of organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles to create a horticultural system based on real world effectiveness and environmental responsibility.  Visit their site at:


The WaterMyYard Program

Take the guesswork of knowing how much and when to water!  The WaterMyYard program is a free program offered in parts of Texas.  Once you create an account and answer a few questions about your irrigation system, WaterMyYard will send you weekly watering advice on how long to run your irrigation systems based on local weather conditions.  Visit their site at:

Interested in Rainwater Harvesting?

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Rainwater Harvesting website is full of information about rainwater harvesting basics (including videos), upcoming events and programs, and locations where you can see a rainwater harvesting demonstration site in person.  For information on Rainwater Harvesting, visit:

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