TEEA-emblem2Texas Extension Education Association of Fort Bend (TEEA)

The Texas Home Demonstration Association (THDA) was organized in August 1925 by 399 women attending a farmer’s short course at Texas A&M University.  The primary purpose for the organization was to establish a scholarship for a deserving 4-H girl.  In 1969, the organization name was changed to the Texas Extension Homemakers Association (TEHA).  In 1993, the organization name was changed to the Texas Association for Family and Community Education (TAFCE).  The name was changed due to changing times.  In 2000, the Texas Organization dissolved from National (NAFCE) and formed the Texas Extension Education Association (TEEA).
The primary purpose of the TEEA is to (1) study homemaking and to develop and put into practice the best methods involved in successful homemaking; (2) to offer people an opportunity for self-improvement; and (3) to advance community interest and life.

The mission of the Texas Extension Education Association is to work with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to strengthen and enrich families through educational programs, leadership development and community service.

TEEA Ladies

We believe in the sanctity of the home.
We believe in the home as the place where love, faith, trust, and devotion must be lived each day, where obedience and reverence grow, and where God is known.
We believe those within its walls should be taught to work, to play, and to have compassion for those less fortunate.
We believe sharing responsibilities is necessary and that from the fireside will come the citizens who will uphold the best ways of life.


We envision the Texas Extension Education Association, Inc. as Texas’ most effective volunteer organization for supporting families through lifelong learning opportunities.  We will strive through education to improve family and community life for all families, reaching across ethnic age, cultural lines and including those with disabilities.
The Public Policy and Leadership program will be the catalyst for leadership development of Texas members and community service activities will be the medium for the expression of charitable interests and community enrichment.  Opportunities for individual growth and development will be supported by TEEA for youth and adults to help them reach their full potential through educational pursuits.
We will strengthen communication among TEEA members, with other Extension clientele and related community organizations that share common goals.  We will cooperate with  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to strengthen, develop and extend adult education that improves the quality of life for Texas families and communities.

Grant to us, dear Lord, Thy Divine guidance in our plans today, that our accomplishments of tomorrow may be pleasing to Thee.  Amen.

TEEA Clubs in Fort Bend County

Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Extension Office at 10:15 a.m.
1402 Band Road, Suite 100, Rosenberg, TX 77471


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